Viagra professional is the drug that many men prefer to the standard Viagra. It begins to work at a time when a man has a sexual attraction. In this case, there is a release of nitrogen, which allows you to expand the veins in the genitals, which is necessary for a stronger flow of blood. Viagra professional allows you to completely fill the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood, which guarantees excellent firmness of natural erection. The penis keeps the excited state for 4 or more hours, which makes it possible to enjoy the repetition of the sexual act. Viagra professional affects a number of natural mechanisms in contrast to artificial stimulants.

Who Makes Viagra Professional?

After the triumphant appearance of Viagra in the international market, this drug acquired an entire army of fans around the world and brought its creator a gigantic fortune. But the term of the patent of the company Pfizer has expired, and other pharmaceutical groups and firms have access to the original formula. On the basis of the development of the initial drug, so-called generics were created, completely or with small changes and additions using the basic formula of Viagra. These drugs are no worse than the original remedy, but they have a much lower price.

Viagra Professional

Among such medicines is Viagra Professional.

Viagra Professional is a generic of the well-known Viagra, which has the larger content of Sildenafil as well as the improved formula in general. It is manufactured in the lincesed pharmaceutical companies in India. Generic Viagra is a drug identical to the original, but it is not a complete copy of it and cannot be it because the manufacturer relies only on a patent, that is, only on a chemical formula that can be viewed on the Internet, textbooks and other benefits.

In this case, the process of synthesis, that is, how to obtain certain substances for tablets, is protected by a license agreement. After all, the manufacturer of the original is obliged to make the share only a formula, on this, its obligations to the medical community are coming to an end. No one is authorized to force it to disclose all the secrets of production.

The main advantages of the generic drug are a reduction in the cost of treatment, an increase in the availability of the drug for the population, and a restraint in the growth of prices for the original drug. Producers of Viagra Pro generic make the drug more affordable due to the fact that they haven’t spet much money on creating new original medicines, their task was to make profit from the existing formula.

Therefore, when choosing between a generic and an original, you need to take into account the cost, effectiveness and safety of the drug. Viagra Professional is a drug that combines safety, top-quality effect, and an affordable price.

Is Viagra Professional Better?

To an ignorant person, all the stimulants of an erection seem to be the same and very few people understand in the characteristics of their actions,. Unfortunately, faced with the problem of disruptions in intimate life closely, it is necessary to study all the features of each drug and decide which one is most suitable in each case specifically.

Today, to help a man with problems in the intimate life came pharmaceutics, in addition to Viagra, which was just a salvation for many men, other drugs appeared on the market, which are also beneficial for an erection. The action of each of them is somewhat different from the classical Viagra, and it is these features that make them more suitable for a particular man or a particular situation. Viagra Professional: Is this just a name or it is really more professional than the usual Viagra?

Viagra Professional for erectile dysfunction.

Viagra Professional is an innovative drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The advantage of Viagra Professional is that it works 2 times longer from 6 to 8 hours and provides a stronger effect. The drug strengthens desire, improves the acuteness of sexual sensations, and increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

The positive effects of Viagra Professional reported by men, are:

• a more stable erection that allows you to make longer sexual acts and arbitrarily change postures during intercourse;

• as a rule, the probability of a second erection increases;

• excitation occurs more quickly and the erection develops in a much shorter time;

• the sensitivity of the penis increases noticeably, as well as the possibility of long remaining firm after ejaculation.

In What Dosages Can You Buy Viagra Professional at Online Pharmacies?

Viagra professional 50 and 100 mg

The drug is available in the dosages 50 mg and 100 mg.

The drug should be taken once per day, orally. It is washed down with clean water. Remember that it is not compatible with alcohol.

On the day of taking Viagra, it is forbidden to use psychotropic medications, painkillers, and antibiotics. You are recommended to start from the dosage of 50 mg, and check your individual body reaction. If you aren’t satisfied with the result, and want to try 100 mg, make sure that the maximum dosage won’t do any harm to your body. 100 mg is the maximum dosage that you can take if your erection is of the low quality and the optimal dosage 50 mg hasn’t helped you to achieve the desired goal.

Viagra Professional Price in the Internet

The cost of this drug, despite its striking properties is almost the same as that of ordinary Viagra. The real way out of the unpleasant ED situation will be generic Viagra professional, the testimonials of which indicate that its action is completely analogous to the original, and the cost is so low that the return to a full life will not depend on the financial possibilities.

viagra professional no prescription

Today, you can buy Viagra Professional without a prescription online.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the cheap prices. The exact price depends on the number of pills in the package, and the drug dosage. If you plan to lead active sexual life, then it is recommended to buy a large package at once and save money.

50 mg of Viagra Professional in a package with 20 pills will cost you about $36, where the price per pill is $1.77. In case you buy the largest package contaning 180 pills, you will save much as the price per pill will be $0.74. However, if you want to get the larger dosage, you will have to pay more as 100 mg pill of Viagra Professional costs $2.81 in a package with 20 pills and $1.07 if you are going to spend $385 at once for 360 pills.

Make the reasonable choice, compare prices online, and choose the most reliable pharmacy with the best Viagra Professional prices online.